Air Conditioning Helpful Tips

Top 10 ways to avoid an air conditioner break down.

It’s 40 degrees in the shade and your air conditioner claps out. The mercury rises and rises and there’s nothing you can do except call out for emergency air conditioning repair.

That’s a worst case scenario – and here at Fixzit, we’re here to help you avoid it. Just by taking a few of these simple steps, you can prolong the life of your AC unit and avoid a sweaty problem:

1. Keep it clean

Debris such as leaves and sticks from overhanging trees can block the filters and vents – so it pays to do an annual clean on the unit.

2. Service it regularly

Air conditioners are built tough, but they can break or perform sluggishly after a while. So have the AC unit serviced by a qualified technician to keep it running smoothly. This service may even be covered by your AC unit’s warranty. Fixzit can connect you to a quality tradesperson quickly and easily.

3. Consider an upgrade

Your old air conditioning unit may have soldiered through countless summers, but maybe it’s time for an upgrade? A new, more efficient AC unit will perform much better and you’ll avoid the risk of your old reliable suddenly becoming a liability.

4. Use it strategically

Decide on a heat management plan, whereby if the thermometer rises above a certain level, you switch the AC on for a set period of time, reducing wear and tear.

5. Consider alternatives

Switching on fans, shutting the blinds, opening a door for the afternoon sea breeze – these are all ways of cooling your home without using the AC, saving wear and tear.

6. 26°C is perfect

If you set the thermostat to 26°C, you can stay cool, save money on power and give the AC a much easier temperature to maintain. This will give your AC unit a longer life and reduce the risk of a breakdown.

7. Choose a cool room

Many AC units have the ability to cool a specific area in your home, so take advantage of this flexibility. Instead of cooling the whole house, just chill the room you’re in – reducing the strain on the unit.

8. Keep the AC unit cool

A roof-mounted air conditioner can get super hot while it’s working to cool your home. So if you can protect it with a shade sail, plants or a cover, then it will perform much better.

9. Take care during winter

We don’t think of our AC units during winter, but cold weather, storms and rain can cause damage to them. So it pays to inspect the unit after a bout of heavy weather.

10. Consider the position

AC units need adequate airflow to work properly. If your unit has been installed in a tight, cramped space, then it may have to work harder, increasing the risk of a break down. Make sure it’s free and easy.


Top three tips to stay cool during the Brisbane summer.

If you are fortunate enough to have air conditioning installed in your home over the Brisbane summer, you are one of the lucky ones. In Queensland, it is almost an essential component to your house during many months of the year, not just summer.

With or without the breezy relief that a split-system or ducted air conditioner brings, there are some small and simple adjustments and additions to your home, be it a flat, apartment or house, that will also help beat the heat.

1. Install dark-coloured block-out curtains in all of your main rooms and bedrooms that get direct sunlight. Keep them closed during the hottest periods of the day and see the difference it makes to your home’s temperature. Keep all doors and windows closed during the day and only open them at night to let some fresh air in.

2. Don’t use the oven on blistering hot days! If you must (Christmas time is unavoidable!), run your air conditioner during this time. Cooking in the oven or on the stove will only increase the intensity of the heat in your house, and nothing is more unpleasant than slaving away over a hot stove while your house is also baking hot. If you are happy living off cold food in summer, contact your local electrician in Brisbane to have a regular fridge and freezer electrical check-up. Broken seals can end up costing you a fortune in electricity bills and a malfunctioning fridge in the heat is the last thing you need.

3. If you have indoor pets, definitely consider investing in an air conditioner or following the other tips featured above. Animals are incredibly susceptible to heat and will often spend the summer months sleeping under the bed more than the rest of the year. Running a couple of fans in the main rooms will also make it more comfortable for them. Cats seem to love the cheap ice-packs you keep in the freezer, and have been known to lie on them to cool down. Not all cats hate water after all! Change their water regularly, avoid giving them milk that could curdle quickly. Look after your furry friends; after all, they are part of the family too, but their fur coats makes them are a lot more sensitive to the Brisbane heat than you.

Air conditioning could save your life.

Before you assume you’re a victim of hyperbole, please read until the end. This is not a ridiculously over the top thing to say.

The heat in Brisbane in summer is that cloying, all-consuming kind. To step outside in the full warmth of the middle of the day is to be immediately enveloped in humidity. A wall of hot hits you and instantly reduces your cognitive capacity to practically null status. After a while, the heat feels like steaming molasses all around you, and all you are aware of are the sensations of warmth and stickiness.

All that gets you through it are air-conditioning systems, little pockets of cool that let your brain capacity return enough to remember what you were doing. That’s probably why there are around 1,878 establishments that offer air conditioning repairs in Brisbane. That’s more than one air conditioning repair person per 1,000 people. That’s roughly the same amount of doctors per thousand people in Costa Rica. This may seem like a pretty facetious comparison, but let’s be real, both the doctors in Costa Rica and the people who offer air-conditioning service in Brisbane are saving people’s lives.

Did you know that massive spikes or dips in temperatures causes death rates to soar? If you’ve noticed a bit of a downward shift in the way you feel during periods of massive temperature fluctuations, you’re not crazy. These aforementioned big dips and spikes we’ve been experiencing as a result of climate change are difficult for the body to adjust to. In particular, blood pressure, lung function and your cardiovascular system are likely to take a hit.

Poor health outcomes as a result of big changes in the temperature are much more likely to affect senior citizens than others in the population. So if you want some brownie points, it may be a good idea to call an aircon service in Brisbane to do a bit of maintenance on your nan’s ancient air conditioning system.

Being able to control the temperature in your home is essential for your wellbeing.

Spotting some common air conditioning problems.

With the summer getting ready to heat up, and even stifle, as Queenslanders, you’ll be wanting your air conditioning in Ipswich, Milton, Jindalee, or anywhere else in Brisbane to keep you comfortable. Therefore, it makes good sense to book an air conditioning service to ensure your system is in tip-top state.

Things do go wrong, though, and it’s important to be able to spot any signs of problems. Some are more obvious than others, but by using your senses, you can pick up on some clues.

First up, if your nose is twitching and there is definitely something in the air, it could be your unit. It might be that there is mould, even fungi or mildew, forming, and this could be as a result of a blocked-up draining pipe. Do also check if the smell is outside as well; the unit may simply be importing pongs from elsewhere! It’s also possible that a rodent might have expired somewhere around your unit!

Secondly, are you ears telling you that something doesn’t sound quite right? This might be obvious. Unless you’ve locked somebody in a room, or they’re playing the drums for the rock band rehearsing in your garage, then a loud banging might be caused by a fan belt becoming dislodged. If it’s more subtle, but definitely there, it’s good to call one of our team before it increases in volume.

Thirdly, use your eyes; it’s good to inspect the system regularly. If your system is struggling to cope, it might be through ice being formed as a result of a blocked filter. The other thing you can often find is that it’s leaking refrigerant. Topping it up is often the response, but that won’t fix a problem, just like you wouldn’t simply add more water to a leaking bath and hope for the best!

So, using just three senses can help identify some areas of concern, often before they escalate. Then, it makes sense to contact FIXZIT on 1300 726 806, and let our experts help. Before you do, one final tip. If the system simply isn’t working, and it’s remote controlled, do check the batteries in your controller handset. Honestly – we have been called out before, simply to find that new batteries were all that was needed!

Split systems vs ducted air conditioners – which is best?

If you’re building a house, or considering adding air conditioning to your pad during a renovation, one of the questions you’ll face is what type of air conditioning unit to choose.

There are two main types: split systems and ducted air conditioning. Your choice might depend on your lifestyle, your budget or even your design.

We’ve come up with pros and cons of both types so you can make an informed decision.

Split system air conditioning
Split system air conditioning is when a section of the unit is outside of the house, normally attached to the exterior wall. The remaining part of the unit is found inside, often mounted to an interior wall.

Split system advantages
Split system air conditioning units are often cheaper than alternative units and can be installed room by room over an extended period of time. This is helpful if you’re on a budget and just want to cool your bedroom or living room to start with.

If you live in an apartment or two storey home, sometimes a split system air conditioning unit is your only option because ducted air conditioning may not be able to be installed over different levels without major renovations.

A split system is normally operated with a remote control and is often cheaper to both install and run than a ducted unit.

Split system disadvantages
The biggest disadvantage with a split system unit is that it can look ugly in your home and they’re often difficult to disguise. If you want to hide the unit, you might have to spend money on purchasing plants or screens to improve the look of the units.

Another disadvantage is that a split system’s use is only limited to the area it’s installed in. This can be a problem if it means putting the air conditioning on full strength to cool as much of the home as possible, as it often results in consuming more power and increasing your electricity bill.

Ducted systems air conditioning
Ducted air conditioning units are normally completely concealed in your roof cavity, and are hidden from view. Cool air is pushed in to different rooms throughout the home and the only item visible is the air conditioning vent.

Ducted system advantages
The main advantages of ducted systems are that they cool the entire property at once and allow you to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home. Often you can also zone the conditioning, meaning in the rooms that are not being used, you can turn off the air conditioning altogether. Another benefit of ducted systems is that they are often quieter and more efficient than split system units.

Ducted system disadvantages
It is difficult to install ducted systems in some homes where there isn’t enough space in the ceiling cavity for the units. Also, sometimes you might end up paying to cool many rooms when it’s not necessary. Often there isn’t a remote control to help manage the system, instead you will need to walk to a wall unit to adjust the controls.

If you are still struggling to decide on which air conditioning unit is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact our Brisbane air conditioner service by calling FIXZIT on 1300 726 806.

Does your home’s air quality need a Fixin?

Many people are unaware that like many other things in our home, our air conditioners also need routine servicing and maintenance. The truth is that often the air that we breathe in our homes is filled with a number of allergens and pollutants, making it dirtier than what we would breathe outdoors. The culprit of less than perfect air quality in the home is often caused by a neglected air conditioning system.
Over time this can wreak havoc on the respiratory health of your family, especially for the elderly and those suffering from asthma. If you’ve had a cold that you can’t seem to shake, chances are it could be the indoor air quality in your home – caused by dirty carpets, and often a dirty air conditioner. From dust, dander, pollen and mould growth, other health issues from a dirty and poorly maintained AC system (both ducted and split systems) can include:

Coughing and wheezing
Dry eyes and irritated throat
Sinus congestion
It’s actually fairly easy for homeowners to clean their air conditioner filter and we explain how to do this simple task here. However, while cleaning the filter helps, often older systems, or homes with additional dust from pets, carpets or other factors, require additional cleaning of AC components, and a more extensive cleaning of the system is required. This deep cleaning will get into the hard-to-reach places in system while use specialised HVAC cleaning products to reduce the growth of bacteria and mould.

What air conditioning servicing and repair will do:
Improve the indoor air quality for a healthier home.
Extend the life of your system by saving on future breakdowns and repairs
Improve the running of the system and efficiency reducing the strain on the system and lower running costs.
Remove trapped dirt, dust, mould and other grime from grilles, condenser drain pains, filters and coils
The truth is that air conditioning systems that are cleaned and well maintained actually make our indoors cleaner by improving airflow and removing pollutants and moisture from the air. In the lead up to summer when are systems will be relied upon, don’t risk health issues associated with system that’s been accumulating dirt while sitting dormant for months. For all air conditioning repairs, servicing, maintenance and cleaning, call Fixzit air conditioning services in Brisbane and Ipswich today on 1300 726 806.

Spring cleaning your Air Conditioner.

Your air conditioning system probably hasn’t been used for a while, and if you haven’t used it for a while, there’s a good chance it may not be cooling your home as effectively as it should be. Maintaining your AC system now saves you money later, and keeping your system operating at is optimum will also benefit this summer when you’ll be relying on it for comfort. The good news is that a keeping your system well maintained yourself is easy, and the air conditioning servicing and installation experts here at Fixzit, share some tips below for cleaning the outdoor unit (condenser) and the filter in the indoor unit.


1. Turn off the power. This should be on or near the unit itself.

2. With your hands remove any large leaves, lawn clippings or dandelions that are stuck in the condenser fins.

3. Using a vacuum brush attachment, vacuum the condenser fins that surround the unit. Do this carefully since these metallic fins can easily be bent.

4. Unscrew the grill panels or outer case using a screwdriver. Vacuum any debris around the fan and around the coils

5. Clean fan blades with either a soft cloth or hand sized broom. Also use this to remove any surface dirt around the coils

6. Covering up any electrical components with plastic garbage bags, spray the condenser fins with a commercial coil cleaner. Use a spraying action from inside the unit coils, pushing the dirt towards the outside.

7. Reassemble the panels hosing the air conditioning condenser and turn power back on.


1. Turn off power to the air conditioning unit

2. Either remove the casing holding the filter in place or use a screwdriver if necessary. Your manual with have model-specific directions to access the filter, Place the removed filter into a tub of warm water and submerge it fully. Rub a sponge to on the filter to remove stubborn dirt.

3. Once you have washed away dirt and dust, place filter in new solution with disinfectant and warm water for around 5 minutes

4. Leave filter to completely dry before inserting it back into the AC unit. Depending on how dirty the filter was you should now notice a difference in air quality and the efficiency of your system.

Some filters will eventually need to be replaced and coolant levels may require attention. If you are still having problems with the air temperature or quality of your air conditioning system after cleaning the condenser unit and filter, it’s time to call the Brisbane professionals at Fixzit for a comprehensive air conditioning service.

Since all units need specialist attention from time to time, before summer hits, it’s a good idea to get your system working effectively to save you money and bring you comfort this summer. Call Fixzit Air Conditioning today on 1300 726 806

Be rewarded with PeakSmart Air Conditioning Technology

PeakSmart Air Conditioning Technology

Have you heard about PeakSmart technology? It’s one of the latest developments in air conditioning technology, which makes smart sense in the face of rising electricity prices. There are even financial benefits for homeowners who choose to adopt PeakSmart technology in their homes! Yes we did say financial benefit – so read on to find out how you can be rewarded from your air conditioning.

What is peak demand?
During summer as more and more people adopt the use of air conditioners in their home this creates a peak demand of energy use as people come home to turn off their TVs and air conditioning systems. Increasing energy infrastructure to address this key demand is one way to manage this peak demand and changing the ways people use their energy through adding PeakSmart technology is another way to reduce pressure on energy networks during times of peak demand.

How does Peak Smart Technology Work?
PeakSmart technology works by placing a signal receiver on a split system air conditioning unit which during times of peak usage is engaged remotely by the energy provider to cap usage.

Does it affect the way I enjoy my air conditioning?
No. PeakSmart technology will not impact on the effectiveness of your system. If usage is capped it is typically only on a few days each year and only for a short period. The technology is designed to be set and then forgotten about so people will not notice a difference in comfort level. It simply changes the way the system operates temporarily to ease pressure on energy networks as the system will continue to cool and circulate air in your home and comfort will not be compromised.

What are the rewards for installing peak smart technology?
Energex provides $250 dollar rebates for each South East Queensland eligible split system air conditioning units, (up to 3) and $500 dollar rebates for ducted air conditioning users. Most newer models have the capabilities. Click here for the full list.

Still have more questions about this technology? Visit the FAQ’s on the Energex Website or call the team of Fixzit air conditioning team to find out if your system is eligible. If you’re thinking about upgrading your system, now is the time to do so with generous rebates and smarter more efficient systems that will continue to save you money with their ongoing efficiency.

For new air conditioning supply and installation in Brisbane call Fixzit today, your local air conditioning experts. Ph 1300 726 806.

3 Reasons to Leave Air Conditioning Installation to the Professionals

You’ve bought a fantastic spilt system air conditioning system and installing it yourself seems like a good way to save a few extra dollars. However, chances are that unless you really know what you’re doing you might end up costing yourself more than you intended and void the manufacturer’s warranty in the process. As the Brisbane air conditioning specialists, at Fixzit we supply and install the trusted brands of ducted and split system air conditioners, and always recommend installing a new system with the help of a licensed professional. This is important for three reasons….

You’ll get the right system for your home
An air conditioning specialist will always be able to find the most effective air conditioning solution for your home and provide the right advice based on your needs, the size of your home and number of levels in the property. This means you won’t be talked into buying a system that’s too large or expensive, or a system that won’t cool an area effectively and will end up being costly in the long term.

You won’t risk voiding any manufacturer’s warranties
Getting the help of a professional means that you won’t have to unnecessarily risk the warranty of your air conditioning unit or worry about an incorrect installation. Not having a professional install your air conditioning unit means that you’re likely to void your warranty immediately.

You’ll have the installation completely correctly first time and every time
There’s more to installing an air conditioning unit than a simple ‘plug and play’ approach. An air conditioning technicians can help set up your air conditioning and its components so it’s mounted correctly and runs in the most efficient way. Air conditioning energy bills can become particularly high if the unit is not functioning at its optimum level.

When it comes to air conditioning installation, you’ll save time and money if you get it done right the first time around. Fixzit can supply and install leading brands of air conditioning systems in the Brisbane area, installing systems that are especially suited to the individual customer. Call us today for a smart, effective and efficient system for your home or business – 1300 726 805.

Six Tips for energy efficient air conditioning use this summer.

Air conditioning control

As summer quickly approaches and the weather heats up, demand for household air conditioning increases and so too does the demand across energy networks. During summer months air conditioning accounts for 40 percent of electricity consumed by households. That means a huge supply of electricity and a potentially hefty household power bill. Here at Fixzit we have given you some tips to avoid a costly power bill but still stay cool throughout the hot Brisbane summer.

• Have the temperature set to cool not arctic. Setting your air-conditioning to a comfortable 25 degrees is the most energy efficient temperature as each degree below adds around 10 percent to the air-con units running costs.

• Close off areas of the house that you are not in or do not need to keep cool. Keeping the air centralised in one area allows the space to cool faster and helps the air-con to run more effectively.

• Close windows and blinds to stop warm air getting in and cancelling out the effect of the cool air from the air conditioning unit.

• Consider replacing your older air conditioning system with a higher star-rating air conditioner. For each additional star a household will save around 15 percent in running costs. Our professional team can organise to supply and install an energy efficient system to your household today.

• Adjust louvers on the unit to point towards the ceiling. Since cooler air falls this will ensure a more constant supply of cooler air in your direction.

• Turn off air conditioning overnight or when out. This will help to ensure a more modest power bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

In today’s blog post we have outlined some of the easiest ways to conserve energy used from air conditioning systems for maximum efficiency and to help avoid the nasty shock of an expensive power bill. We can help with all your air conditioning needs in the lead to summer including supply, repair and installation. Call one of our friendly team on 1300 726 806 today.