Smoke Alarms

From 1st January 2017 new Smoke Alarm Laws apply – Click below for Full Details


There are over 1250 residential fires In Queensland on an annual basis. House fires can devastate lives, and your families’ safety is paramount, early detection with smoke alarms can save lives. Don’t forget to set a reminder to periodically check your smoke alarms are functioning correctly.

Manufactures recommend the following:

  • Monthly testing to make sure batteries work and familiarise everyone with the sound.
  • Replace your batteries annually
  • Clean with a vacuum annually to remove any dust particles.
  • Sensor & Security lights

Mains powered smoke alarms require fitting from a qualified licensed electrical contractor. Routine maintenance can be carried out by the property owner.

Fire Alarm Installation Brisbane & Ipswich
The safest type of fire alarm system you can install in your Brisbane home is a hardwired system that has a battery backup power source. If you rent your property it is a legal requirement in Queensland for your property to have correctly fitted smoke alarms. As a home owner you know don’t risk your family or tenants safety. Fixzits team of electricians can advise you on the most suitable fire alarm installation for your property that will meet legal compliance laws throughout Brisbane and Ipswich.

We cater to both residential and commercial customers and have worked on of course small call out jobs up to large scale commercial and industrial sites as well as commercial office blocks.

When you’re looking for a Brisbane Electrician for any smoke alarm installation work big or small. Rely on the name that so many others have. Call Fixzit today on 1300 726 806.