Appliance Repairs

It only tends to happen when you need them most. The hot water system just becomes a water system or the washing machine no longer wants to wash. You need the skills of a specialist repairer. Not only that, you need them to come to you wherever you live in Brisbane or Ipswich.

Appliance Repairs
Household appliances are getting more advanced seemingly on a weekly basis. Gone are the days of some duct tape and a coat hanger resolving the argument between you and the dryer. This is a sad thing but it also means less danger to the home handy man. Whether it is a modern fridge out of warranty or the old work horse that still has plenty of life left our Fixzit repair men can get it fixed and have your fridge running tip top again.

Small & Large Appliance Repairs
Putting the repair of your household and workplace appliances in the hands of a Fixzit expert means the greater likelihood of a longer, more efficient and more reliable lifetime for all your electrical appliances.

  • New appliance installation
  • Stove, oven & cook top repairs
  • Repair & service to most brands
  • Small appliance repairs

Call on the knowledge and specialised skills required to be a Fixzit home appliance repairer. All our staff are up to date with the latest technologies out of Europe and Japan and can ensure a great result.

If your home appliances have decided to stop playing the game give one of our washing machine repairs,or appliance repairs specialists a call on 1300 726 806.