Hot Water Systems

Discovering the hot water is not working can ruin most people’s day. Especially, in the winter time when you turn on the shower in the morning and experience a sudden shock of cold water. Call our masters plumbers who can respond to your call and get it fixed in no time!

Fixzit plumbing can install a whole host of hot water systems. We also repair and replace existing hot water systems. We can advise you which hot water system best suits your needs and the most efficient to use and which particular size is required to supply adequate capacity for your home or business.

We also supply, change over and do repairs to electric hot water systems.

Gas Hot Water Installations Brisbane
Fixzit provide a comprehensive range of gas installations, gas fitting, and maintenance services for both residential and commercial areas in Brisbane.

Do you smell gas in the house?
Smell gas and not sure where the source of the gas is coming from? Assess the danger – the safety of people should be your first priority. If you find it hard to breathe or the smell of gas is strong, leave the building immediately. Do not on the lights. Call a qualified plumber/gas fitter to detect the gas leak, assess the situation.

Are you installing a new gas appliance?
If your considering about installing a new gas appliance you may want to hold it off and hire one of our expert plumbers who will make sure the new appliance is installed correctly. Because incorrect gas installations can have dire consequences, so it’s best not to take the risk.

These are a portion of the most common jobs:

  • Hot water installation
  • Gas pipe or line installation, repair & replacement
  • Detection of gas leaks

Require assistance with your gas installation?

To get a quote, make a booking in Brisbane or any enquiry phone 1300 726 806 or use the contact form.