Split System Air Conditioning

Split System air conditioning is the most popular choice of cooling for homes and small business as it is perfect for cooling smaller areas and single rooms. Add to this their relative ease of installation, inexpensiveness and minimal space requirements and you can see why split systems are most peoples preferred method of cooling.

As near all split system units these days are reverse cycle they also create the opportunity to warm your spaces during the relatively short Brisbane winters and slightly cooler Ipswich nights. Or simply opt to keep your lounge room cooler during the formidable South East Queensland summers.

Affordable & Effective
Fixzit have become specialists over the last 30 years and have a long history of happy air conditioning customers. With the range of modern designs that can complement your decor, split system air conditioners these days are a visually attractive option. With the major portion of the air conditioner situated outdoors and out of site you have the option to mount the internal portion on the wall, ceiling, console or bulkhead.

If it is time to get air conditioning in your home then a split system is a great place to start. A Fixzit air conditioning electrical technician can come to your home and offer advice on the correct unit for your home. It is important that your split system unit is matched to the area that it will be cooling. Without the correct unit you may not feel the direct effects of air conditioning and even more important the inefficient running will see you simply throwing money down the drain.

For advice or a consultation for you home or office, call Fixzit today on 1300 726 806. We have air conditioning technicians throughout Brisbane and Ipswich ready now.