Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning, whether it’s for your home or office needs a specific approach as every environment is different, therefore it has different needs from it’s air conditioning.

Fixzit Trade Services air conditioning technicians have the experience of decades of ducted air conditioning service and installations through Brisbane and Ipswich. Each installation is designed to facilitate the optimal cooling and heating needs of every job and create the perfect stable temperature.

New & Retrofit Air
More and more modern Brisbane homes are being built with ducted air conditioning incorporated into the homes design and budget. Fixzit can be a part of this process working with your builder to consult on best practise and advise on how to achieve the best result.

No matter how old or new your home or office is, Fixzit can work with you to Retrofit you existing property with an engineer designed ducted system taking away the need for obvious wall mounted split system air conditioner or the old faithful but just outdated fan.

Discreet & Comfortable
One of the key advantages to ducted air conditioning systems is the unobtrusiveness. With the main unit hidden out of site outside the home or office the conditioned and cooled/heated air is pumped into the home through ducts in the floors, walls and ceiling and released through subtle venting in a way that these days is nearly invisible. Rooms or sections of the building can be zoned like the bedrooms in the evening and common areas during the day. This creates your perfectly adapted and comfortable environment for you, your friends, family or employees.

For more on Fixzit Ducted air conditioning systems contact your local Fixzit today on 1300 726 806.