Hot Water Systems Helpful Tips

Why you need annual hot water heater maintenance.

Annual maintenance of your hot water heater keeps it working properly and reduces the risk of major issues down the track.

Very few people understand that hot water systems build up sediment, dirt and minerals that settle on the bottom of the tank and in the pipes. Depending on the quality of water where you live, this can happen over a short or long period of time.

At some point, without hot water heater maintenance, you will find that these materials will have an impact on the efficiency of your hot water system. If you don’t see to cleaning the tank, the issue will not only make your hot water heater work harder (which means that it costs you more), but it could also lead to rust issues which would ultimately warrant replacement.

If you leave these issues unchecked, the results can be costly, as well as inconvenient. However, annual maintenance is far less expensive and can be conducted by a professional.

What do the professionals do?
A professional will locate and access your hot water tank to drain the water, which removes the dirt, sediment and minerals from the tank. This is a dangerous job, as it involves water that is scalding hot. The professional will turn off the water as well as all electricity or gas, depending on the type of hot water system you have.

The flushing of the system takes over half an hour. After they have finished flushing the system to make sure that it is free of all sediment and dirt, they will turn all your utilities back on and refill the tank.

As they refill the tank, the professional will check for any leaks or faulty parts in the system.

Call Fixzit for professional hot water system service in Brisbane
Fixzit will perform maintenance of your hot water system, and provide advice on how to best maintain your hot water system for local conditions. Fixzit has grown from strength to strength since its establishment in 1984, and we now have service vans and trucks on central and suburban Brisbane roads.

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There are a lot of plumbing and maintenance services around Brisbane and Ipswich, but if you want the job done right, then call us for the reliability of a name you can trust.

Solar versus Gas Hot Water Systems – Which is Better?.

For those building, renovating, or even those who are looking to upgrade their aging (and expensive electric) hot water system, one of the biggest questions is whether to choose a solar or a gas system. Considering that hot water can account for up to 25 per cent of household energy use, it’s a decision that’s worth some serious thought. Since both energy options are available in Brisbane and Ipswich, Fixzit’s plumbers explain some of the benefits of each to help you make the best choice for you.

About Solar Hot Water Systems
Solar hot water system are generally the most environmentally friendly option and have some of the lowest running costs but may be among the most expensive to install. They operate off solar connector panels and a storage tank.

Via a heat pump, instead of creating the heat itself, heat is transferred from the air to the holding tank. To compensate for rainy days or extended overcast periods, extra supply of hot water can be boosted with either gas or electricity. Electric boosted systems are typically cheaper to purchase than gas boosted systems

What to remember about solar systems:
For solar systems your roof should have good access to sunlight, and preferably face north for best exposure.
Most 4 person households need about 2 panels or 4 square metres of collector areas, plus a larger 360L tank. This will ensure there is adequate supply in times of greater use or less sunlight.
For systems where the tank and panels are mounted on the roof, the roof itself may need to be reinforced or strengthened – depending on the framing and roof type. If access to the roof is difficult this can increase installation costs.
Solar hot water may cost the most to install, but for busy family households it’s an option suited since they can quickly recover their costs more quickly, especially in warmer parts of the country like Queensland.
About Gas Hot Water Systems
Gas hot water systems are another popular option especially in areas where there is a direct supply of natural gas or where there is access to LPG (bottled gas.) While not as efficient as solar, gas hot water systems are around 30 per cent more efficient than regular electric systems. Like appliances in the home, a star rating system is used to measure their efficiency.

If natural gas is connected to your home, the installation costs are around the same as an electric system. Because gas usage doesn’t have time of day issues with heating, a smaller system can be used compared to solar or electric systems and the gas burner can operate as needed.

Instantaneous gas systems are also available which have no water holding tank. They work by heating the water from a gas burner as it flows through a coiled pipe when hot water taps are turned on.

What to remember about gas systems:
Gas systems replenish hot water quickly therefore smaller tanks can be used.
Look for systems rated 5 stars and above for best efficiency.
Indoor and outdoor systems can be used.
Installation is affordable when existing natural gas is connected to the property
May be not the best option when LPG must be used since cylinders gas is more pricey and need to be replenished.
Fixzit plumbers can provide the right advice on a range of different hot water systems to suit your needs and your household’s. We can supply and install a more energy efficient system to save you money in the long term. For questions or to find out more, call out plumbing team in Brisbane today on 1300 726 806.

6 Ways to cut your hot water bill in half.

Hot water heating accounts

Hot water heating accounts for as much as 30 per cent an electricity bill and for those with gas hot water systems, the majority of the cost of a typical gas bill comes from heating water.

Since hot water is a household necessity it’s worth looking at ways to monitor usage especially in the lead up to winter as consumption normally increases. There can also be instances where a higher than expected hot water bill could be the sign of plumbing problems that need to be fixed or adjusted. Fixzit’s team of Brisbane plumbers explain some ways that you can monitor and cut usage of your hot water bill in this post.

1. Reduce length of hot showers

The biggest use of hot water in the home is unsurprisingly from hot showers. Be very conscious of the time you are spending in the shower as this is likely to creep up during colder months. While it may be tempting to spend longer under the hot water – it will come at a cost. In a household of three each minute added to a hot shower (i.e 5 minutes to 6 minutes for each member of the household) adds around 100 dollars yearly to the electricity or gas bill.

2. Check the Flow Rate

A fast flowing shower uses a lot more water (both hot and cold.) A good test is placing a 10 litre bucket beneath the shower. If it is full in a minute or under, this is excessive use of water and you will benefit from a reduced flow. Even a different shower head of 9 litres per minute will mean significant savings over a year.

3. Fix Leaking Hot Water Taps

Leaking taps should be fixed quickly, but even more urgently are fixing leaking hot water taps. A new washer for a tap can be done cheaply quickly yourself and is likely to solve the issue of a leaking tap. If not a new tap fitting can be easily and affordably supplied by a plumber.

4. Adjust the Thermostat

If hot water is heated above 60 degrees, it could be adding unnecessary heating costs. Some hot water boilers may allow you to adjust the thermostat but most likely it will need the help of a plumber. If your hot water from a tap is quickly too hot it’s a sign that the cylinder’s thermostat should be adjusted.

5. Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Not only is it a better way to wash most clothes, but using cold water in the washing machine can save you considerably over the course of a year. Unless it’s for tough stain removal, cold water is just as effective and sometimes even more so when washing clothes.

6. Skip the Hot Baths

If you’re serious about saving on hot water you may want to consider saving hot baths as a luxury. Filling a bath with hot water tens of litres of hot water and uses almost three times the amount as having a shower.

Finally – Doing dishes? Rinse in cold water first, and if using a dishwasher only use the dishwasher when it’s full or use an eco or half wash.

Our team here at Fixzit can install, repair and look after all areas of hot water systems and supply in your Brisbane home. We can also advise on more energy efficient options for a new hot water system so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of plumbers and electricians today.

Save money and be rewarded with your hot water system.

hot water system

Yes you read correctly: Queenslanders can now enjoy reduced costs on their hot water systems and if that isn’t enough of an incentive, they’ll also receive a one hundred dollar reward for doing so. Thanks to Energex, homeowners can now save money by switching the tariff that their hot water system is connected to with the help of one of Fixzit’s Brisbane electricians. We answer some common questions about the Energex Hot water rewards scheme in our latest post.

How does the scheme work to address peak demand?
Hot water systems are one of the most power hungry pieces of equipment in the home. By permanently connecting systems to off peak tariffs this reduces peak demand and eases pressure on the energy networks by reducing the amount of time electricity supply is made available. These off peak energy tariffs are priced at lower levels to reflect this off-peak usage.

What kinds of hot water systems are eligible?
Most new hot water systems can be connected to an economy tariff. These include solar hot water systems with an electric boost and electric systems depending on their size.

How much money will I save on energy bills?
There are two different tariffs available depending on the size of your system. The two different tariffs are called the Economy tariff 33 which saves over 30 per cent on annual hot water usage costs. The other tariff is available is the Super Economy Tariff 31 where homeowners can save around 50 per cent of annual usage. To connect to the Super economy tariff 31 homeowners need a tank that is minimum 250 litres of storage. Based on an average household of four people, homeowners can expect to save around 220 dollars each year on their energy bills.

How do I claim the 100 dollar reward?
Once your system has been connected and you can provide documentation to us electrician you will be able to apply online and within 6 weeks you’ll have the bonus deposited directly into your bank account.

You can start saving money now when it comes to the hot water in your home. As well as carrying out hot water repairs in Brisbane, our plumbers and electricians can get your system connected to an off peak tariff so you can save money and start being rewarded today!

For more information about what systems are eligible and how to apply for the reabte visit the Energex Postive Rewards website. Alternatively you can call the friendly Fixzit team today on 1300 726 806 and start saving money on your hot water bill!